Europe is a vast continent with a huge array of landscapes, cultures, food and languages. Considered by many to the ultimate place to tour in a camper van or motorhome.




Camping in Europe

Europe has a wide range of campsites. Many are of excellent quality. Free camping is popular in Europe, especially in France, Spain and Portugal. See our guide to camping in Europe.

Money in Europe

The Euro (€) is used in 12 countries of Europe, including France, Spain and Portugal. Notes issued by one country and valid in another. Britain uses the Pound and the Euro is not accepted.

Crossing borders in Europe

The Schengen treaty of which France, Spain and Portugal participate allows people and vehicles to freely cross borders from one country to another. Britain is not part of the treaty, and therefore ferry crossings to and from Britain require passport control.

Visas for European countries

EU citizens can stay in other EU countries without a visa, and for an unlimited amount of time. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada can enter without a visa for 90 days. Other visitors will require a visa for the country they first visit. After which they can cross borders in line with the Schengen treaty. Read more about visas.

Health cover and Insurance in Europe

Europe has good health care. Check with your local health clinic or doctor before staring your trip, to ensure your tetanus and other jabs are up to date. Citizens of EU countries should get an E111 certificate before leaving home, as this will ensure you receive free health care whilst away. Don’t think it wont happen to you, it happened to me and I was very glad of the free health care.

Get good (not necessarily the cheapest) health insurance before you leave. I would recommend Columbus, which you can do online easily, and renew online whilst you are away if you stay longer. If you are participating in sports such as surfing, windsurfing or snowboarding ensure your policy covers you.

European ferries

If you are visiting Britain, Ireland , Greece or any of the smaller islands around Europe you will probably use a ferry. See our guide to European ferries.

Surfing in Europe

Europe offers excellent surfing beaches and reefs. Combined with the rich diversity of cultures and landscapes, surfing in Europe is a unique experience. Read the guide to surfing in Europe.


  • Guide books – with so much on offer, and so many languages, make sure you get good guide books and language books
  • Insurance – make sure you have insurance for your vehicle and health insurance for the people in it
  • Bulbs, jackets, triangles – Many countries require reflective jackets, warning triangles and some require a spare light bulb kit
  • E111 – get your European health care card


WiFi, 3G and Mobile Internet in Europe

It is now possible to have reasonably priced mobile internet (3G) in many countries in Europe, without having to enter into a contract for more than 1 month. This is perfect for those of us

Living full time in a camper van or motorhome in Europe

Many people chose to live full time in a camper van or motorhome in Europe. Many sold their homes and possessions and now live their days in the warmer parts of the continent. Many planed on being away for the winter and have not yet returned home.

Winter in Europe

Many people escape to southern Europe during the winter months, to escape the cold of the north. In particual southern Portugal, southern Spain, and the south of France are popular winter destinations.


France is the largest country in western Europe, and also the most visited country in the world. France has a lot to offer any traveler. France has Atlantic, Mediterranean and English Channel coastlines. Paris is a gem of a city. France is one of the best countries in the world to camp in. Driving is easy, roads are good.

Ireland Camper Van Guide & Information

Here are some tips and hints for camper vaning in Ireland.  Thanks to Morgan Shaunessy. Kitchen supplies can be hard to find as there are only a few suppliers. Use, or include “ie” in


Portugal is the late developer of the western European countries. It is still very traditional, and the cheapest country in western Europe. The Algarve is the warmest place in western Europe during winter, and a great place to visit or stay during that time. The Portuguese are friendly, helpful, happy people, and many speak good English.

Cost comparison

I’ve listed some basic costs for France, Spain and Portugal. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the differences between the countries, especially if you are budgeting.

These costs are based on 2007 prices.


Spain is much more than a package holiday destination. With a very diverse range of landscapes, cultures and languages, Spain is defiantly a place to stop and experience what is going on around you.


Britain consists of three countries: England, Scotland and  Wales.  Northern Ireland is also part of the UK. The Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man has its own section. Free camping in Britain Free camping in Britain is

European vehicle ferries and Eurotunnel vehicle trains

There are lots of options in getting vehicles across the waters of Europe. If are starting in, or visiting the UK it is likely you will need to take a ferry across the English Channel,

Advice for first time visitors to Europe

The team love to travel around Europe. We have put together some useful tips that we hope will improve your experience. Do It – if you are thinking about visiting Europe… then do it!



Brussels is a great city to visit. It is not packed with things to do, but has a good vibe and great food. The musical instrument museum is recommended.



Bulgaria has a few campsites, with the older ones being fairly basic, and newer campsites being better equiped. If you intend to do a lot of exploring in Bulgaria then we recommend that you and your vehicle are equipped and ready for free camping, even if you intend to stay at campsites.

Camping in Europe

Camping in France, Spain and Portugal is easy. There are lots of campsites, which vary in cost and quality, but are generally cheap. It is also possible to camp for free in many areas. Campsites


Cyprus is a beautiful island, and a great place to visit. Cyprus is currently politically and physically divided. The island is split and has a Greek and a Turkish side. Cyprus is very peaceful, and has very little crime.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic border crossings Most border crossings are just a very quick passport check. Driving in Czech Republic A 15 consecutive day vignette costs CZK 200 (about £5) for vehicles up to 3,500kgs. This allows

Driving in Europe

Paperwork To drive in Europe ensure you have the following paperwork in order, and in your vehicle when you leave. Leave a photocopy at home. V5 owners log book Insurance – for all drivers, ensure

Eastern Europe

xx – todo tidy We found that facilities for the disabled are extremely poor in eastern Europe. Facilities for wheelchair users are almost non existent. Many eastern European countries use the “E” road numbers for

Eating out in Europe

European people take food very seriously. The biggest problem is often the language barriers. Unless you have a good understanding of the written language, you might be taking a gamble in what you order.

Where to eat

There are some basic rules that will help you find an authentic, good quality, good value restaurant or cafe.

European megalithic sites

Stone circles







European Union (EU)

The EU is an economic, political and judicial collective of countries with shared goals and objectives. The EU initially consisted of Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In 1973 Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK) joined in 1973.

Fuel Prices for the UK and Europe – Petrol and Diesel

As petrol and diesel fuel prices continue to rise how do prices around Europe compare? Below is a table of fuel prices of European countries. For diesel Norway remains the most expensive country at 137.85

Greece Camper Van Travel Guide

Greece is a great country to visit with a campervan.


The people of Greece are friendly and happy to see tourists.  Learning a few words of their language can make a big difference to the way you are welcomed.

English is widely spoken in popular tourist areas, especially by those younger than 50.


Hungarian border crossings

It takes about 20 minutes to cross into Hungary. Most Customs officials speak English. The officials often look inside vehicles.
A HF300 (£0.82) tourist tax is payable, per person, per night. Over seventies are exempt.


Do you have information about Italy? Please contact us. Articles Camping in Italy


Polish border crossings Polish border crossings normally only take a few minutes, with just a passport check. Supplies in Poland ATMs are widespread and work fine. Diesel and LPG are readily available. Supermarkets are very


Romanian border crossings It takes about 20 minutes to complete a border crossing into Romania. Almost all customs officials speak English. You need to pay the following: Disinfect your vehicle – which means driving through

Schengen States and the Schengen Treaty

The Schengen treaty is an agreement between participating countries in Europe, that allows people and vechicles to cross borders without any checks. The participating countries do not have border controls with each other, and have a commoin visa policy. This makes travelling between the countries, regardless of your means of transport, very easy.


Slovakian border crossings At Kosice vehicles and passports are checked on the Hungarian side, but often nothing is checked inside Slovakia. Roads in Slovakia A vignette is required when driving on motorways and certain main

Surfing in Europe

Europe offers excellent surfing beaches and reefs. Surfing in Europe is a unique experience, due to the quality of waves, and the range of breaks that are available. Traveling and surfing in Europe is a unique experience, due to the rich variation in landscapes and cultures.

The Canary Islands

If you have information about the Canary Islands please contact us.

The Euro

The Euro is the currency of 12 countries of Europe. The Euro came into being in January 2002, and is now used by 300 million people in 12 countries. Notes issued by one country and valid in another, and you will not have any trouble taking and using currency between countries.

The Minho

Driving into or out of Portugal

The northern part of the N-13 coast road is pretty rough, like most roads in Portugal. I would only recommend taking this road if you are visiting towns such as Vila Praia de Ancora on the coast. Otherwise taking the toll roads to destinations further south is a better option.


Crossing Turkish borders A new Turkish customs/immigration post has been opened at the crossing from Greece at Ipsala. This has greatly reduced the congestion at the border. The first kiosk you come to just present

Van insurance in Europe

There is a lot to consider when you compare van insurance online including the cover features available and the premiums you will have to pay. However, one vital feature that is often overlooked by van drivers is whether or not their insurance will cover them abroad.

Weather in Europe

If you are travelling in Europe then you are probably expecting some good weather. Here is some information that may help you plan your trip to get the best weather. Average daily air tempratures Temprate

Western Europe

Western Europe

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