Europe is a vast continent with a huge array of landscapes, cultures, food and languages. Considered by many to the ultimate place to tour in a camper van or motorhome.




Camping in Europe

Europe has a wide range of campsites. Many are of excellent quality. Free camping is popular in Europe, especially in France, Spain and Portugal. See our guide to camping in Europe.

Money in Europe

The Euro (€) is used in 12 countries of Europe, including France, Spain and Portugal. Notes issued by one country and valid in another. Britain uses the Pound and the Euro is not accepted.

Crossing borders in Europe

The Schengen treaty of which France, Spain and Portugal participate allows people and vehicles to freely cross borders from one country to another. Britain is not part of the treaty, and therefore ferry crossings to and from Britain require passport control.

Visas for European countries

EU citizens can stay in other EU countries without a visa, and for an unlimited amount of time. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada can enter without a visa for 90 days. Other visitors will require a visa for the country they first visit. After which they can cross borders in line with the Schengen treaty. Read more about visas.

Health cover and Insurance in Europe

Europe has good health care. Check with your local health clinic or doctor before staring your trip, to ensure your tetanus and other jabs are up to date. Citizens of EU countries should get an E111 certificate before leaving home, as this will ensure you receive free health care whilst away. Don’t think it wont happen to you, it happened to me and I was very glad of the free health care.

Get good (not necessarily the cheapest) health insurance before you leave. I would recommend Columbus, which you can do online easily, and renew online whilst you are away if you stay longer. If you are participating in sports such as surfing, windsurfing or snowboarding ensure your policy covers you.

European ferries

If you are visiting Britain, Ireland , Greece or any of the smaller islands around Europe you will probably use a ferry. See our guide to European ferries.

Surfing in Europe

Europe offers excellent surfing beaches and reefs. Combined with the rich diversity of cultures and landscapes, surfing in Europe is a unique experience. Read the guide to surfing in Europe.


  • Guide books – with so much on offer, and so many languages, make sure you get good guide books and language books
  • Insurance – make sure you have insurance for your vehicle and health insurance for the people in it
  • Bulbs, jackets, triangles – Many countries require reflective jackets, warning triangles and some require a spare light bulb kit
  • E111 – get your European health care card

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