Romanian border crossings

It takes about 20 minutes to complete a border crossing into Romania. Almost all customs officials speak English. You need to pay the following:

  • Disinfect your vehicle – which means driving through a trough of muddy water, for which you will have to pay €9.
  • Ecology tax – €5
  • Vignette (road tax) – €6 for one month. It is important to keep the receipt as you are required to show it when leaving Romania. The vignette does not indicate who long it is valid, only the receipt shows this.

Supplies in Romania

ATMs accept major credit cards, and most work well.
Fuel is available at regular filling stations. Major credit cards are accepted. In 2006 diesel cost €0.96 (£0.68) per litre. LPG is also available
Big name European supermarkets (such as Carrefour and Jolie Ville) are in the major cities. There are many smaller supermarkets throughout Romania.

Campsites in Romania

Campsites in Romania are very basic. Normally consisting of chalets and positions for tents. Camper vans and motorhomes are not really catered for.


Campsites in Bucharest

Camping Casa Alba

The only campsite near the city, 5 miles north of the centre on the Ploiesti road. Turn right at the first set of traffic lights after the Carrefour/Metro supermarkets. The site is signed on the left just past the police academy. The site is not really designed for motorhomes it consists of cabins & chalets and you have to share their parking area. There are electric hook ups and the showers/toilets are very good. In July/August the site could be overwhelmed. If you are planning a visit try and arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. If you arrive midweek don’t use the city ring road. It can take two hours to travel 15 miles on a Monday afternoon, this is the norm. The leaser of the two evils is using the city centre, it’s still busy, the wide boulevards and traffic lights help to keep the traffic moving. Buses to the city centre stop outside the site, tickets must be bought in advance, they are available at the site reception. 2 people with motorhome coasts about Ron 65 (£13) per night.

Driving in Romania

Romanian main roads have improved greatly over the last few years, due to an EU money injection. Roads are not well signed.

Green Card (Carte Verde) insurance

If your insurance does not cover Romania, you need to buy insurance before crossing the border. As you approach the border there are a number of outlets where you can buy Green Card insurance. It is also possible to buy insurance at the border crossing points.


Brasov is well worth a visit.

Campsite in Brasov

Camping Dirste

Situated 5 miles south of the town centre on road number 1. The site entrance is on the right (pass in front of the BMW showroom) as you enter the town. The site has small flat serviced pitches, facilities are very good The site has many cabins and there is a restaurant on the site. Buses to the town centre stop outside the site.

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