Basque Country – Euskal Herria

San Sebastian (Donastia)

Parking in San Sebastian

Parking in San Sebastian is a problem.  The paid street parking spaces get taken very quickly.  It is possible to find spaces in suburbs.  Check for conditions though.
The Paseo Nuevo road on the headland west of the river is free to park on out of season, and handy for the beaches.
If staying at the campsite take the bus from there. The bus journey is cheap and easy, and has great views.

Campsites in San Sebastian

There is only one campsite in San Sebastian:
Camping Igueldo
Paseo Padre Orkolaga
Open all year round, with good facilities.  They will give you a map, which shows the bus route into town, which leaves every 30 minutes, takes 30 minutes and is recommended. Has some excellent views of the mountains. Expensive.

Youth hostels in San Sebastian

There are some parking spaces around the youth hostel.  Your vehicle will not be discretely hidden though.


Orio is a small town just a few kilometres west of San Sebastian. The beach is just outside of the town is very pretty. The beach has a bar and showers. The campsite is located right by the beach.

Campsites in Orio

Playa de Orio – Recommended
Tel: 943 83 48 01
Located right by the beach. This is a good campsite, open 1 Mar – 1 Nov. Free WiFi. Cheap.

Surfing in Orio

The beach is small, but has a breakwater that shelters the beach. Good for beginners and in big swells. There are lots of places to park for free in front of the beach.


Zarautz is a nice town. The beach is excellent, big but popular all year round. Worth a visit for beach lovers and surfers.

Campsites in Zarautz

Grand Camping Zarautz

Tel: 943 831 238
A reasonable campsite on the edge of top, on the side of the mountain overlooking the town and beach. The views are stunning. It is possible to walk to the beach from the site, but takes a little while. The facilities nearer the entrance are the best. Open all year round. Follow the sign on the hill at the edge of town on the old San Sebastian road. Cheap.


Tel: 943 830 042
On the edge of town, on the newer San Sebastian road. 250m from the beach. Open late-june to mid-September. Cheaper than Grand Camping Zarautz.

WiFi in Zarautz

It is easy to find an unsecured WiFi connecting by parking near the apartment blocks on the roads just behind the beach.


Mundaka town is rather ordinary, but is home to a massive surfing wave in the river mouth. The popularity of the wave has given the area a boost, which is slowly changing the town.

Parking in Mundaka

At quieter times it is possible to park in the little car park just at the corner in the road, under the viaduct.

Free camping in Mundaka

Although officially prohibited, a popular spot for free camping is at Playa Laga, across the ria from the famous surfing wave. There are a few bars here and seasonal toilets.

WiFi in Mundaka

It is possible to get a unsecured signal in the car park under the viaduct (see parking above).


Parking in Bilbao

Parking in Bilbao is a big problem. There are various places with meters around the city centre. If you are camping take the metro (€3 return, 40 minutes).

Campsites in Bilbao

The closest campsite to the city is in the suburb of Sopelana, about 5kms away, but has a metro stop and regular buses to the city. Sopelana has a great beach.

Camping Solepana

Tel: 946 762 120
A reasonable campsite, a 5 minute walk to the beach. Has see views, but not enough to make out the surf conditions. This campsite is a little run down. A 15 minute walk to the metro station. The bar/restaurant is very good and popular with locals. Open all year round. Moderate price.

Free camping in Solepana

Although break ins are common, the beach car parks at Axtabiribil and La Salvaje are popular for free camping.


Etxarri Aranatz

Etxarri Aranatz is a small town with little to see, but the campsite is in lovely surroundings.

Campsites in Etxarri Aranatz

Camping Etxarri

tel: 948 460 537

A nice campsite in lovely surroundings in woodland. Offers a cool climate for the summer months. The approach is through a small industrial section, but don’t be put off. Very friendly owners. Signposted from the N-240A. Moderately priced.

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