Brittany has a rugged coastline, and many connections with southwest Britain. It is a beautiful place to visit when the weather is good, but the winter arrives early here.

St Malo

St Malo is an interesting collection of shops, bars and restaurants all crammed into the ancient walled citadel. St Malo also has a collection of fine beaches around it. A popular place for sailors to dock.

Parking in St Malo

Driving and parking anything larger than a car in the citadel is not recommended.  There are many car parks along the approaching bridges.  The ones closer to the citadel have height restrictions so parking further out may be your only option.  There is a reasonable sized free car park (Duchesne) outside the Manoir Du Cunningham hotel on Place Monseigneur Duchesne.

Campsites in St Malo

La Cite d’Aleth

Tel: 0299 816091
Overlooks the bay and is housed in a Second Wold War fort. Open all year round. Gets busy in summer.


Carnac has a collection of over 4,000 standing stones. Although of a similar age to those stones found at Stonehenge, the stones at Carnac are in rows rather than circles. There are three main sites, all close to each other. Because the stones do not align with the sun like those at Stonehenge there is some debate about their purpose. They are an interesting visit. Carnac also has some lovely sheltered beaches.

Carnac Campsites

Carnac has as many as 19 campsites.  Amongst the best are the 2 star Men Du, behind plage de Men Du, and the more expensive 4 star Grande Metairie near the Kercado tumulus.


This pretty fishing village, in the heart of Finistere, is set back from the sea on the Goyen estuary.

Free camping in Audierne

Free camping is possible in the car park behind the dunes at Bale de Trepasses.

  1. Christopher jones August 26, 2022 at 3:02 pm

    Hi I’ve converted my Merc 313 van over the summer, I’d rather go vaning in winter, and am looking forward to getting away van will be finished by end of September and we are heading off to Britainy look out for a white high top lwb sprinter and have a coffee with us.


  2. Address /mail collection query
    Hi I am tavelling around France in my van and need an address to get my mail delivered to. Any suggestions?


  3. Campervan tour from Paris to Brittany
    we are driving to paris in our van and then heading to Brittany; we don’t have much time but would like to take in deauville and le toucquet. Does anyone know any good sites in or near any of those locations that they can recommend please?



  4. VW Campervan
    We are going on our maiden voyage in the VW campervan and would like some ideas for a route around brittany in august. any suggestions for must see sites? Thanks


    1. Brittany
      Hi, don’t worry about where to go-just point your van in the right general directon and go! You will always find somewhere to camp in France, and no matter which route you take, it will be enjoyable, France is like that. We have been camping in France for over 30 years now, and have never booked a site yet. Now I am retired, I plan to spend most of my time there – especially the winters. Great country, great people.


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