Build your own campervan

Build Your Own Campervan

Do you dream of building and traveling in your own campervan and living the van life?

Our free guide gives you all the information you need from finding a van to woodworking, insulation, electrics, solar, plumbing and legal information.

Build your own Campervan
Planning a Camper Van Conversion
Choosing a base vehicle for a camper van conversion
Buying a Base Van

Buying and Selling Camper Vans

Buying a camper van should be the start of a new and exciting experience.  But, there are things to be aware of when buying a used or new camper van.  See the guide to buying a camper van. If you’re selling your camper can there are a number of things you can do to get ...
Buying and Selling Camper Vans
Choosing and buying a camper van or motorhome
Camper Vans For Sale
VW Camper Vans For Sale


Find information on popular vehicles, insurance and more.
Seat belts – Regulations and guidelines for camper vans and motorhomes
Camper Van Hire and Motorhome Rental
Camper vans

Travel Guide

We have comprehensive information about many of the most popular camper van and motorhome camping locations.

We are always looking for more information. If you can contribute any notes or information then please contact us.

Travel Guide
Visas and Passports
International Driving Permit


When travelling and living in a camper van or motorhome you can chose to stay in campsites or free camp in acceptable areas. The facilities you have in your vehicle, namely a toilet and shower, will determine whether you can, or how often you can camp for free.

Wild Camping or Free Camping
A Guide to Living in a Camper Van
Stealth camper vans