Seat belts – Regulations and guidelines for camper vans and motorhomes

If you’ve added seats to your camper van or motorhome, you should be considering the seal belt laws, and how they affect you. In the UK: All vehicles manufactured since 2001 must have seat belts …

Camper Van Hire and Motorhome Rental

Hiring or renting a camper van or motorhome is a great way to experience the joys of camper van life without committing to owning your own vehicle. Renting vs Buying Whether you rent or buy …

Camper vans

Since VW popularised the concept of camper vans in the 1950s, camper vans have been converted and produced by a number of different companies. Today there is a great range of conversions using a wide range of base vehicles.

VW Camper vans

This page is specifically about VW camper vans. There is a dedicated page to VW Transporter vans (i.e. VW vans that are not campers). VW popularized the camper van concept when in the 1950s they …

LDV Convoy Van

  Recommended Websites LDV Camper – Website about a LDV Convoy campervan conversion
Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a popular and reliable panel van, chassis cab and minibus. Launched in 1995 to replace the Mercedes T1 van. The Sprinter is sold throughout the world, and has become the most popular new van.
Mercedes vans

Mercedes vans

Mercedes Benz have long had a tradition of making commercial vehicles, and were one of the first companies to offer a commercial diesel engine.

Nissan Urvan


Toyota HiAce

Using an ex Transco or Other Works van for a Campervan Conversion

Using an ex Transco or Other Works van for a Campervan Conversion

Transco Vans Transco (a company in the UK servicing gas pipes) had a big fleet of vehicles, including Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans.  

Volkswagen VW Transporter

The VW Type 2 is the classic old-school camper van that popularised the compact leisure vehicle industry. VW Transporters are still made today, currently as the T5 model. Known as the Eurovan in USA and Mexico, or Transporter in UK, Ireland & North Europe.

VW LT Van – Information

VW LT Vans For Sale on
Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato is a popular panel van and good for camper van conversions. The Ducato chassis has long been used by motorhome builders. The Fiat Ducato is the same van as the Citroen Jumper and the Peugeot Expert, with all three vans being made in factories in Italy and Brazil. Ducato’s are reliable and well made. Parts are easily available and well priced.


A motorhome or motorcaravan offer the best in luxury and space.  Generally fitted with everything one needs, including a shower and toilet.  With a motorhome you are self sufficient and can do without campsites. 
Ford Transit Camper Vans, Motorhomes & Vans

Ford Transit Camper Vans, Motorhomes & Vans

The Ford Transit is a popular range of panel vans, minibuses and pickup trucks. The Transit has been the best-selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for 40 years. In Britain and other countries the term ‘Transit’ often refers to any van of Transit size.
Westfalia camper vans

Westfalia camper vans

Westfalia are best known for their conversion of VW camper vans. The full name of the company is Westfalia-Werke, which is based in the town of Rheda-Wiedenbruck in the Westphalia region of Germany.
Panel Vans for Campervan Conversions

Panel Vans for Campervan Conversions

Panel vans are one of the best vehicle’s for camper van conversions. They are large, come in many formats, are easy to drive, and in recent years have become more reliable and affordable.

Breakdown Recovery

Camper van breakdown recovery is a great investment if you intend to travel for a long period of time or if you have an old vehicle that can be unreliable.  The cost of having a vehicle recovered to home is expensive.  Think hundreds of pounds, dollars or euros, or even thousands if you are abroad.

Camper Van & Motorhome Winter Storage Tips

It is important to prepare your campervan or motorhome for the winter months. This is especially true if you live in an area where you receive frost or snow, as damage can quickly happen to an unprepared vehicle.  This guide covers preparing the living area of your vehicle, and mechanical tips as well.
  1. California Spaniard December 8, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Shipping American truck and camper
    Really fantastic site. I have searched but can’t find an answer to my question so I apologize if this topic has been covered before.

    I’m wondering if its possible to ship my American Ford F 250 with a camper shell on the back. I mean I know its possible and cost effective for me but realistically would I have difficulty driving it Europe? Just to be clear I am an EU citizen within EU drivers license and have driven all over Europe so my question isn’t about the actual driving rather it’s more of a registration and police question.

    my understanding is that I can legally drive the vehicle for 6 months before needing to register it in the EU country. I’m just wondering why more Americans don’t do this. What difficulty would I have shipping my rig over there driving it around for 6 months?

    thank you again and my compliments for a wonderful website.


  2. retaxing an ambulance
    Hi. is it a straight forward reclassing at a post office or a long winded affair to re tax a former patient transport 5 seater merc vito as a std PLG ?
    regards Chris


  3. MPV as campervan
    I will buying a Renault Megane Scenic in the next few weeks and plan to use it for ad-hoc camping. I’ll be staying on established sites in the UK as well as using it as my everyday vehicle / loadlugger.

    I have been car camping in a number of cars (mainly hatchbacks and estates) so have a good idea of how to adapt the scenic. I’m just after a few pointers and ideas that I’ve overlooked.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi John
      Will you be using

      Hi John

      Will you be using campsites or wild camping?
      How long do you intend to camp in the Scenic?


    Reluctantly sale due to changing circumstances. 1989 Autotrail Comanche, 116000 km on the clock, Talbot Express base, 2.5 turbo diesel with air suspension Reliable and in good condition. UK registered, RHD, taxed end June, MOT end March. Completely refurbished inside and is spacious, light and lovely to take holidays in. Large lounge area which converts into 2 single beds or a huge king sized bed, blown air heating, new hot water boiler, new window blinds and roof vents. shower and bathroom, end kitchen with cooker, grill and hob, plus a 3 way fridge. All appliances in good working order. Plenty of storage over the cab and throughout. Bike rack and extra security lock fitted across the back entrance door. Extra interior locks and hidden safe for added safety. Must be seen to be appreciated. Contact [email protected] or 663572603.


  5. ferry crossings
    We live in both u.k. & France |& would like to find the cheapest crossings for our recent motorhome. it seems find any prices at all.Can you help please.


    1. It depends on where you want
      It depends on where you want to cross the Channel.
      Find the companies that offer the crossings you want.

      Here are some


  6. i want a campervan suitable
    i want a campervan suitable for amphibious vehicle conversion, any ideas which one to get


    1. yeah buy a boat (with a
      yeah buy a boat (with a cabin)


    2. only just seen this but a seahorse is good
      dukwforsale . com search for seahorse

      You can see one in action in greenwich next to cutty sark


  7. hi,
    i want to buy a van for

    i want to buy a van for conversion but i am not sure which is best. it would be used to take me to wakeboarding tournaments so it needs to be fairly reliable. any ideas what van i should pick as i dont have a great budget.


    1. Hi
      The first thing to decide


      The first thing to decide is what size of van you need.

      Do you want a small van like this

      a medium sized van like this

      or a large van like this


      1. i would want a large van, is
        i would want a large van, is the VW t5 any good?


        1. The VW T4 and VW T5 vans are
          The VW T4 and VW T5 vans are excellent.
          Also consider the Mercedes Vito van.

          If you want something bigger consider the Mercedes Sprinter, which is probably the most reliable of all of the vans.
          The Fiat Ducato is also popular. Whilst not as reliable as the Spriter, it is cheaper, and popular with camper convertors because it is wider and the handbrake is on the right-hand-side of the drivers seat, making it easier to pass through to the cab from the back, when a single passenger seat is fitted.


          1. how much would the fiat van
            how much would the fiat van and conversion cost?

          2. There is a cost to suit
            There is a cost to suit everyone.
            You could buy the van from £1,000 to £15,000
            The conversion can cost from £200 to £5,000
            It all depends on what you want and how much you want to spend.
            A decent van will cost about £2,000+
            If you do the conversion yourself you can do something nice for £500, but £1,000 – £2,000 will get lots of comfort and mod cons.

          3. thanks

  8. insurance
    Hi, i have just bought a long wheelbased transit minibus to convert. There are no seats apart from the two front seats as it was used for wheelchairs. I thought this would be ideal for convertion but i cant find anyone to insure it.The insurance brokers say they wont insure it because it has no seats. We need to insure it to get it home. HELP


    1. Hi Clive
      As your vehicle

      Hi Clive

      As your vehicle doesn’t have seats it is now technically a van with windows, a light goods vehicle.
      As you are converting it to a campervan, try the following companies. They have policies that insure your van/mini-bus now, and then change the cover to a campervan once your conversion is complete.


  9. Mercedes campervan conversion insurance.
    I am looking to insure my self conversion merc sprinter and need some guidance where I can find the cheapest companies who specialise in this sort of insurance.
    Please help!!!


    1. Hi
      Check out the insurance


      Check out the insurance page. There is a section for self converted vans:


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