Beira Litoral

The Beira Litoral province of Beira Litoral is dominated by the city of Coimbra, Portugal’s third city. 16km southeast of Coimbra is Conimbriga, Portugal’s most extensive Roman site. The castle at Montemor-o-Velho, 32km west on the road to Figueira da Foz, the town of Luso, and the ancient forest of Bucaco and highlights of the region.

The coastline is extensive and beautiful. Although development has started it remains one of the lest developed areas in Portugal. Figueira da Foz is the only real resort of any size.


Coimbra was Portugal’s capital for over a century (1143 – 1255). Now famous for its university, considered highly prestigious. There are several worthy monuments in Coimbra, including Baroque library of the university, two cathedrals, dozens of churches, mansions and museums. Coimbra has a unique feel; it is only a small provincial town, yet has an air of self importance.

Driving in Coimbra can be a nightmare, since much of the town is closed to traffic. There are several signposted car parks around the town. The town is easily explored on foot.

Campsites in Coimbra

Parque de Campismo Municipal, Coimbra

Praca 25 de Abril
239 701 497
Well shaded campsite, at the municipal sports complex. The town swimming pool is next door. Open all year.


The ancient site of Conimbriga, 16km southeast of Coimbra, is the most important Roman site in Portugal. The site dates back to the Iron Age, with the Roman site preceded by a Celto-Iberian settlement. The site has Roman walls, roads, houses, pools, baths, temples and an aqueduct. There is now also a museum.

The Bucaco Forest

The Bucaco Forest is a Portuguese icon. The country’s most famous and most revered woods were a monastic domain through the middle ages. Today the forest is a little un cared and over visited, by remain a great place to visit and walk. There is no campsite in the forest, but one at nearby Luso.


Luso is just 3km downhill from The Bucaco Forest. A spa town for the past hundred years. Still a popular destination for the Portuguese, who visit the waters to cure rheumatism and other complaints. It’s an enjoyable town with elegant spa buildings and traditional surroundings.

Campsites in Luso

Camping Luso

tel: 231 930 916
2km out of town, on the way to the football ground.

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz is one of the liveliest towns on the west coast of Portugal. It is a major resort and deep-sea fishing port. Figueira da Foz attracts people from all around the country, to it’s beaches and surf. Once past the modern The back streets are atmospheric.

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