Crossing Turkish borders

A new Turkish customs/immigration post has been opened at the crossing from Greece at Ipsala. This has greatly reduced the congestion at the border.

The first kiosk you come to just present your passports. Then drive into the main complex and in front of you you will see about four or five lanes with the first kiosk marked “passports”. Don’t go down the lane until you have got your visa from the main building on the left. On entering the building look for the sign “Visa”. The visa costs Euro 10. Take your passports to the passport control kiosk then drive to the other end of the lane which is the customs kiosk. Here they will need your registration document, green card and drivers passport. There is now no charge for the vehicle visa. Once you have finished there you drive out of the main complex and present all your documents to the last kiosk, then your free to go.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the crossing. Things are much better now than in the past, as Turkey prepare to be part of the EU.

Many people find the officials on the Greece sign of the border much less helpful. When you arrive at the Greek police post you will have to take your passports to the window to be checked. Some people have found that they would not raise the barrier for the vehicle to pass, and they had to drive around it. Now approach the the customs post. Don’t just drive past but wait until the custom officer appears and waves you through. It often takes just as long to leave Greece as it does to entry Turkey.

The registration document and a GREEN CARD are required to enter Turkey.

A point worth remembering is the vehicle details are entered on the drivers passport and under normal circumstances the driver will not be able to leave Turkey without the vehicle. Make sure you have Travel or Vehicle Insurance that will cover the Duty/Customs Bond if you are taken ill and have to fly home or the vehicle is written off in an accident.

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