Isle of Man

Free camping in Mooragh Park, Ramsey

Motorhomes are positively encouraged to park and enjoy the area, for no cost, but you require a permit. This is free and is available from the town hall in Ramsey. Just bring your insurance details. You may stay for up to 14 nights.

Free camping in Sulby Claddagh (in the north)

This is quite a large site owned by the government NTrust. You may stay for up to 14 nights, then leave for a night then start again. There is toilets/washing & water available and if you lift the grid by the toilets you can deposit your waste. Lovely place to stop along side the river, some nice walks. Sulby is well used by locals but gets busy around TT race time. Two pubs & shop close by.

Smeal Beach

This is on the north west side of the Island right alongside the sea NT land. Some nice spots to stay here, no facilities.

  1. Mooragh Park only in season requires a permit from the town hall. Now costs £100

    Sulby – same deal now!

    Smeale (with an ‘e’) – not allowed anymore thanks to irresponsible campers!

    By the way, the Isle of Man isn’t in the U.K. but it very much is a British Isle.


  2. IOM
    The Isle of Man is part of the British Isles and we are British – just not part of the UK. Beautiful places to camp and explore here! x


    1. The isle of man is not part
      The isle of man is not part of the British isles,sl, we have our own parliament,laws and money. We are not in the e.u and are a separate country.


    2. No we are Manx, not British


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