European vehicle ferries and Eurotunnel vehicle trains

There are lots of options in getting vehicles across the waters of Europe. If are starting in, or visiting the UK it is likely you will need to take a ferry across the English Channel, unless you use the Eurotunnel train (see below).

Vehicle ferries

Below is information about each popular crossing route. Prices are for a return crossing for a small van with 2 people. The larger the vehicle the more expensive the cost. You are advised to book well in advance during peak season. All companies have offers, so check with them. You will also save money by booking in advance. You can also save money by taking early or late crossings.

Dover (England) – Calais (France).

P&O Stena Line 1 1/4 hours

Dover (England) – Dunkerque (France)

Norfolk Line£150 / €2102 hours, normally the cheapest option.


Portsmouth (England) – Cherbourg (France)

P&O Portsmouth£300 / €4204 1/4 hours
Brittany Ferries£300 / €4204 1/4 hours

Portsmouth (England) – St Malo (France)

Brittany Ferries £400 / €5608 – 11 hours, due to variable ties at St Malo. Overnight service available

Plymouth (England) – Roscoff (France)

Brittany Ferries £400 / €5608 hours, overnight service available

Rosslare (Ireland) – Cherbourg (France)

P&O Ireland€600 off peak, including cabin and meals20 hours, 3 times a week.
Irish Ferries€600 off peak, including cabin and meals20 hours, March – January only

Rosslare (Ireland) – Roscoff (France)

Irish Ferries€600 off peak, including cabin and meals20 hours, April – September only


Cork (Ireland) – Roscoff (France)

Brittany Ferries


Italy – Greece

Venice – Patras
35 hours

Ancona – Patras
18 hours

Bari – Igoumenitsa
10 hours

Bari – Patras
16 hours

Brindisi – Igoumenitsa
9 hours

Brindisa – Patras
14 hours

xx – check all prices

Eurotunnel train

It is also possible to travel to and from the UK with a vehicle using the Eurotunnel train service. You vehicle is loaded onto a train and taken from Folkestone in England to Calais in France in 35 minutes (or vice versa). This will coast typically twice that of a ferry, but look out for special offers which may it an attractive option.

  1. William connell May 14, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    Ferry from Spain to france
    There was a ferry from gijon in Spain to St Nazire France operated by l and d lines. It was a great service if a little basic butt avoided the long drive through France . Don’t know why it stopped running as it was always very full . Any ideas


  2. dover crossing
    booked my 6.5mtr long camper on sea france in june return for £36 return that was after a £4 discount?????? but last year it was £149 return work that one out this a route I do 2/3 times a year with no problems


    1. ha! Good for you. Great to
      ha! Good for you. Great to see prices going down 🙂


  3. faehre
    Thanks for the great travel news .. Its really great service.


  4. Several companies are
    Several companies are sailing to France at present.
    Norfolk Line
    Brittany Ferries
    Sea France


  5. cross channel ferries
    I’m really got fed of with my work need some break. I’m planning to go holiday trip to France, but don’t know the current ferry services, can anyone tell me right now how are the present services. According to that make my trip in next couple of days.


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