Bulgaria has a few campsites, with the older ones being fairly basic, and newer campsites being better equipped. If you intend to do a lot of exploring in Bulgaria then we recommend that you and your vehicle are equipped and ready for free camping, even if you intend to stay at campsites. Use solar or wind as your power source, as mains electricity is often not available.

Bulgaria border crossings

It is likely that an English speaking customs official will be called to assist you during the border crossing. Customs officials are polite and efficient.
It takes about 20 minutes to complete the border crossing with a vehicle into Bulgaria. Your vehicle will be disinfected, which will cost you about €5. Your documents will be checked. Local road tax is payable, €4 for one week or €9 for a month.
It takes about 10 minutes to complete a border crossing out of Bulgaria.

Supplies in Bulgaria

Big name fuel stations (Shell, Total, BP, etc.) are regularly available, and accept major credit cards. In 2006 diesel cost €0.83 (£0.63) per litre.
Bulgarian ATMs are temperamental, and you should not rely on them as your only means of getting cash. Banks will change your currency for a commission (normally 4%).
There are many small supermarkets with good provisions.

Driving in Bulgaria

Road signs use the Cyrillic alphabet (same as most European languages). Some place names are also shown in English. Take care when following road signs as repeater signs may only be in the local language. The Fretag & Berndt (1:400000) Bulgaria map is recommended as all place names are in Cyrillic and English. The Lonely Planet Guide to Eastern Europe, which covers all Eastern Europe, is a useful recommended book.

Roads in Bulgaria

Roads are generally of a poor state. Some of the main ‘E’ roads are being improved with EU money. Secondary roads can deteriorate very quickly into mud tracks.

Campsites in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a few new campsites with better facilties than we’ve seen in the past.  However, most older Bulgarian campsites are primitive, normally consisting of cabins and chalets with space for the pitching of tents. Many have no facilities to accommodate camper vans or motorhomes. It is recommended that you and your vehicle are equipped and ready for free camping, even if you intend to stay in campsites. This includes electricity, toilets and showers.

Here are some of the newer campsites catering for campervans and motorhomes:

Sakar Hills Camping

[email protected]
Tel: +359 8855 04338 or +359 8872 21380
2 Georgi Rakovsky Street
Nr. Harmanli

Free camping in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is generally a safe country. We have had reports from many people who have free camped here without any problems.
Free camping is possible at beaches and harbours. Out of season you will not have any problems with space. High season can get busy in some areas.

  1. Campsites in Bulgaria
    Your information on Bulgaria is clear and concise – Great website! We are also a popular campsite in Central Bulgaria near the medieval capital. Please take a look at our site to see if you would consider including us in your information. http://www.campingvelikotarnovo.com


  2. Driving documents
    I have read on your website that when I get to the border of bulgaria I will have an inspection of my vehicles documents. Unfortunately I do not have the original of my driving license only a copy. This is because I sent it away to be changed for a new one with a new uk address on it, and I have not had it back yet. Unfortunately it cannot be posted back to me because it would take too long to reach me before I set off and I cannot delay my journey as the ferry has already been booked. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a rigorous check at the border and was expecting to be able to drive straight through like it is between UK and France, France and Spain. Once I was in Bulgria have it posted to me there once I have an address to post it to.

    Is not having the original of my driving license going to be a problem at the border?


  3. Limited Camping in BG
    I have to disagree now that there are no well equipped Camping/Caravan Sites in BG. This may have been the case 5 years ago . We run a site with all modern facilities that you would expect from a European Camping Site. Many of our guests have said that our facilities are actually BETTER than many they have used whilst in Greece and Turkey. Please visit us and see for yourselves : http://www.sakar-hills.com


    1. You have a nice looking
      You have a nice looking campsite there. I have updated the information on this page, and included a listing for your campsite.


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