Campsites are popular everywhere where you might consider living or travelling in a camper van or motorhome. Europe, Australia and the USA all have a fine selection of campsites.

Camping is very popular in western Europe and just about every town that draws tourist has a selection of campsites, with at least one opening all year round.

Campsite facilities

On each campsite you can expect to find: toilets, showers, fresh water taps, waste water drains, sinks to wash dishes and sinks to wash clothes. You may also find: a shop, a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, washing machines and dryers, clothes irons, fridges, gyms and other sports facilities and internet access (including WiFi).

Campsite tips

  1. Look around – Prices and quality of campsites vary a lot, and prices don’t always represent the quality of the campsite. It is often possible to find a cheaper and better quality campsite.
  2. Municipal campsites – are often much cheaper than privately owned campsites. This is good if you are just stopping for the night, or are staying for a long time. The municipal campsites in Portugal can cost as little as €2.50 per person, per night, in winter.
  3. Never drink tap water – Only ever drink bottled water. Some countries have good quality tap water, but the supply to campsites can be low quality. Therefore it is always better to drink only bottled water, which can be bought cheaply in bulk from supermarkets.

Wifi on campsites

More and more campsites are offering free Wifi, so it always worth looking out for the sticker in the window in reception. You may have to park close to reception or go in the bar. Check the WiFi section for information about getting free access and a better signal. Many people live on campsites in Europe and it is always worth checking as someone may have a unsecured router.

  1. campsites in france
    does anyone have any suggestions for modestly priced and good amenity camp sites in france? We plan to bring the campervan on the ferry from Ireland into cherbourg and work our way to paris, then along the coast to more southern parts for the fall/winter months.


  2. PG Camper Park July 5, 2012 at 7:39 am

    New Camper Park in Gdansk
    GUT Camper park is placed in the Centre of Gdansk and offers 30 parking spaces for camper cars, professional sports and leisure complex, 24 hour security, free wireless internet access and many more.We offer very competitive prices.


  3. Camping Veliko Tarnovo
    Just spent 2 months travelling eastern Europe in our Bongo with 2 dogs.Really enjoyed Bulgaria, sooo cheap and amazing hiking.Lots of campsites in Bulgaria are leftovers from Communism but its now attracting foreigners esp Brits opening Campsites.We free camped quite a bit but also found an amazing campsite and area.We were ready for long hot showers and a place to use as a base to explore Veliko Tarnovo, about 10 mins drive from the city in a small village we found Camping Veliko Tarnovo.Its all brand new with CLEAN showers, free wifi, a great little cafe with homemade cheap food.The owners are young and helped us with local info and we did some amazing day trips from the site, Photos below.I would really encourage people to go that bit farther and get to Bulgaria.


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