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We have comprehensive information about many of the most popular camper van and motorhome camping locations.


Guide books and language guides

Guide books are essential to get the most from the places you are visiting. Language guides are often a must, especially for some countries. See our guide to guide books and language guides.

International driving permit

An International Driving Permit is required by many people to drive in certain countries.



Europe is a vast continent with a huge array of landscapes, cultures, food and languages. Considered by many to the ultimate place to tour in a camper van or motorhome.


Asia campervan guide

Asia is overflowing with culture, tradition, food and contrasts.  There are great campervan opportunities, but you need to plan and take care. There are few facilities for campers in general.  Very few traditional campsites are


More information soon. Sections Camping in Australia

International Driving Permit

An International Driving Permit (IDP) allows an individual to drive their private motor vehicle in another nation only when accompanied by a valid license from their country. The document is a multi language translation of ones own existing driver’s license, complete with photograph and vital statistics. It is not a license to operate a motor vehicle on its own.


If you have information about camping in the USA, please contact us. Sections Camping in the USA

Visas and Passports

Visa regulations are always subject to change, so check with the embassies before you start your journey. A brief guide is given below. Anyone entering the EU or Morocco requires a passport that is valid

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    Its always a good idea to
    Its always a good idea to read the reviews of campgrounds and campsites before visiting them. And the most important thing, is to read the travel guide books, as there one can find the tips and tricks to save money and time.


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