Greece Camper Van Travel Guide

Greece is a great country to visit with a campervan.


The people of Greece are friendly and happy to see tourists.  Learning a few words of their language can make a big difference to the way you are welcomed.

English is widely spoken in popular tourist areas, especially by those younger than 50.

Summertime (May – August) is a very hot time.  September is a good time to visit, when the temperature cools.

Recommended places to visit are:

  • Lefcada <west greece>
  • Paralia Katerinis <east greece>
  • Nafpio <east peloponese>
  • Meteora <central greece>
  • Halkidiki <north greece


  • Swimming – Greece has a massive amount of coastline, and great swimming can be enjoyed in most areas


  • Highway and fuel costs are cheaper than most European countries.


Camping is popular on the Mainland, and on some islands.  Freecamping is generally forbidden.  However, freecamping is tolerated in many areas.  Keep a look out for other vehicles, and ask around before stopping for the night.

Greece is generally considered a safe country, so sleeping in your vehicle should be fine.

Thanks to Vasilis for some information on this page.

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