Van Life – the Complete Guide to Life in a Van

Van life is a global social movement that gives you the freedom to live your life on the road, exploring freedom, and removing the normal everyday grind of life.

What is van life?

Van life gives you the wonderful chance to explore the world, with your mobile home, going almost anywhere you want.  Feel the freedom of travelling somewhere new each day.  Why not explore the historic cities of Europe, the parks of the USA, or the beaches of Australia.  Do it all in your own vehicle at minimal cost.

Making money on the road

A great way of extending your trip it to make money as you go. Our great guide to making money on the road will help extending your funds and keep your travels going for longer. Some good ways of making money as you travel are with seasonal work on farms, casual work at marinas, and making money online.

What van do I need?

Having a well equipped vehicle with everything you need makes a big difference in this respect.  Good planning when converting your own vehicle can ensure that you have everything you need to travel for a long time comfortably.

If you take a break from work, or even abandon your old life, you can explore the van life for years.  If you can find some passive income or remote work then you can extend your vanlife experience indefinitely.

Campervan conversions have got easier and more accessible with the great array of parts available today.  With the right vehicle you can explore endless places, camping at beaches and parks.  You can spend the days surfing, cycling, cooking, walking and finding your favourite things to pass the days.

Where can we van life?

Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand are great places to visit with a van exploring the wonderful coast lines and national parks.

Occasionally visiting campsites means you can refresh yourselves and the resources in your van.  Laundry, showers, fresh water top up and grey water drop off can be done one a week or so to add a little bit of luxury to the simple and rewarding van life.  Don’t forgot to top up your groceries as well.

Van life

Full time travel takes a bit more consideration but can be done.  Many people explore the USA and Europe endlessly moving around to find the best weather for them in each season.  Costs can be kept to a minimum by making good choices about campsites and free camping.

What are the downsides of van life?

It’s not all roses living in a van. Perpetually being on the road and finding somewhere to park every night is not as easy and romantic as you might think. However there are tips and solutions to every problem.

  1. Bad weather – When the weather is wet or cold van life has its downsides. Being stuck inside day after day is hard on the mind. But being mobile means you can move into regions with the best weather. This is especially true in large countries like the USA and Australia, and places with free movement like Europe. Find out more about Full time living in Europe, winter in Europe, weather in Europe.
  2. Money – Most of use have to find some way of funding our travels. If you work to save money before you travel then your funds will dwindle and run out at some point. Find out more about saving money on the road, making money on the road.
  3. Cabin fever – Living permanently in a vehicle that is much smaller than a typical property can lead to a sense of cabin fever. However once of the main purposes of van life is to get out and about and to explore the outdoors. Planning your days will help avoid being inside too much.