Camping in France

There are few countries as good as France to camp in. The French love to camp, and there are good quality campsites everywhere, although they can be expensive. Free camping is tolerated, and special aire de campings are provided.

Campsites in France

There are campsites all over France. French campsite can be some of the most expensive in Europe, but cheaper sites are also available. The state run municipal campsites are almost always the cheapest, and open all year round. France has some super-sites on the coast that provide many facilities you will not find anywhere else, such as aerobics classes, car washing facilities, a selection of restaurants, private beach access, but these campsites are the most expensive. Seasonal campsites will start closing at mid-Septmber. Some campsites stay open year round.

Free camping in France

Camping is so popular in France that there are many people travelling in motorhomes and camper vans, the majority being French. Aire de campings, designated areas where it is possible to camp for free, are provided in many areas, particularly Les Landes and Cote Basque. During the summer there many be a small charge to stay, but free outside of summer. Some sites have toilets, and fresh water and some have an area for electrical hookup. Motorways have their own aire de campings, normally set back from the roadside amongst trees. These are a good place to stop at night if driving long distances.

  1. If you are planning to take your own motorhome or caravan be sure to avoid staying overnight in the Autoroute Aires. Although they are fine for stopping off during the day, thieves target them during the night. You are much better off pulling off the autoroute and heading into a local village aire.


  2. camping
    hi, we want to travel to paris in this summer. where can we do camping as free. is there anyone give an adress? please hepl us. we are a student. we dont want to pay hotel or hostel. 🙁


  3. Expensive
    “French campsite can be some of the most expensive in Europe” Absolute rubbish. The UK and Italy have the most expensive, along with ireland. France along with Germany, are the best and cheapest countries to tour by Camper / motorhome or Caravan with many Aires, Stelplatz TM


    1. High quality French campsites
      High quality French campsites in high-season are expensive.


    2. Campervan Travel in France
      We live in Canada and would like to get information on Campervan parking places, campgrounds in France. Do you know of a publications that lists campervan facilities throughout France? If so, please send me the address to receive the information.
      Thank you in advance, Pat


      1. Hi Pat
        France has a

        Hi Pat

        France has a comprehensive network of places for campervans to park and camp. Their are generally calle aires.

        Here are a few websites:

        This book is good, as they have tried to visit every aire


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