Professional camper van conversions

There are a number of companies offering professional camper van conversions. These companies are specialists and deliver excellent work. Most will convert any vehicle you provide them, and most will source a new or used base vehicle for you. A lot of these companies also provide parts, and complete kits for your own camper van conversion.

If you are thinking of building your own camper van the images on these websites are good for ideas.

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  1. Reputable converters
    Hi there, I am wanting to convert a t5 and was wondering if anyone could recommend a company. Im based in the Northwest so preferably in my area.


  2. Interior conversion T5
    Hi Folks, purchasing a T5 from the auctions tomorrow, and planning on buying internal kits and parts from ebay.

    After a company based in the Midlands to then do the labour side of things for me i.e insulation and lining, electrics, plumbing, fittings etc..

    Do you think this is the most cost effecient way of doing things?

    Can any one recommend a good company in the East Midlands to do the labour and finishing?

    Kind regards all!



  3. Hi, Ive just had my van
    Hi, Ive just had my van converted by a company called creation campers, there in wrexham, north wales, They were very helpful and I am made up with the finish of the van and also the service they gave me, I would recommend them highly.


  4. Does anyone know where I can
    Does anyone know where I can get Venetian blinds for a t4?


    1. Venetian blinds in a
      Venetian blinds in a campervan are not a good idea. They rattle and clang a lot.
      Bamboo blinds are a better idea.


  5. Bucks
    Does any body know of a van converter with in 50 miles of Thane,
    thank you.


  6. Bucks
    Does any body know of a van converter in with in 50 miles of Thane,
    thank you.


  7. lpg regulations
    Hi My husband has converted a van for us and I have to say he has done an excellent job. We are now only finishing by plumbing in the gas, we have a oven, hob, grill and fire. Connections are 6mm can anyone advise on regulations re whether pipe has to be copper( pvc covered) or if the flexi hose which is also used for LPG car fuel conversions would also be suitable. I cannot find anything anywhere as to what you HAVE to have. Thanks


    1. Hi Irene
      As far as I know,

      Hi Irene

      As far as I know, you do not have to comply with any regulations, unless you intend to rent out the vehicle. You can read that in this document:

      Standard practice is to use copper pipe to all appliances. Flexible hose should only be used from the gas bottle regulator to a manifold. From the manifold copper pipes should be used to the appliances.

      No need for PVC covered pipe, although this helps battle corrosion for pipes on the outside of the van floor.


  8. WorldCitizenKiwi April 13, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Converting a Nissan Elgrand – Surrey

    Does anyone have a professional conversion outfit that they recommend who are able to to do a camper conversion on as Nissan Elgrand and are based here in the South East?



    1. This may not help but Elite
      This may not help but Elite Camper Conversions in Worksop, Derbyshire list the Elgrand as one of there conversions.


  9. Van conversion

    Does anyone have any knowledge of conversion firms on the continent who tackle clients own vans.

    Many Thanks


  10. insurance
    can anyone tell me where i can get reasonable insurance im about to purchase a van to convert to a camper but am quoted vast amounts for insurance the quotes iv got for the van once done are a quarter the price of pre conversion. is there a policy or way round this whilst the conversion takes place?


    1. Several companies offer a
      Several companies offer a policy that gives you 90 days (and normally a bit more) to do the conversion. They insure you throughout.

      Try Insurance Choice:



  11. Complete Campers!! September 26, 2011 at 10:05 am

    New conversions
    Hi just thought i’d mention that we are a Conversion company based right on the south coast in Dorset. We have a huge amount of experience in completing the best of conversions. You could visit our website – to see what we can do. You will be impressed i’m sure!!! Regards CC x


    1. ken de la Hunty April 22, 2012 at 7:12 pm

      Conversion kit
      Hello I’m intersted in converting a transit lwb bus around 2006 vintage . Do you offer
      such a kit of some description. Thanks.


  12. does anyone know of anyone
    does anyone know of anyone who converts campervans near edinburgh area regards ronnie


    1. converters in Edinburgh
      I got these guys to do my conversion which you can see on their website
      They are amazing and I had a great experience dealing with them.You can read my testimonial there.
      Steve Edinburgh


  13. t2 camper van conversion
    i have just bought a t2 bus (empty inside) and wanting to convert it into a campervan..

    any help in which order i start to tackle this project..
    it needs:-
    roof conversion
    interior conversion

    0772 5145143


  14. Conversion kits
    Im looking for a reliable source that can provide conversion kits for VW s and sprinters…. Any advice would help.
    Preferably here in the USA as we are based out of las Vegas



  15. Need camper van
    I am looking for advice about reputable companies I could deal with to buy a camper van. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi
      I would recommend buying


      I would recommend buying from a dealer close to you. If you have any teething troubles, it always good to be able to take the vehicle back for adjustment.


    2. Paul Satterthwaite February 28, 2011 at 7:49 pm

      For sale Reimo 4 birth VW T5

      i have for sale a 2008 VW T5 camper van with a reimo conversion.

      if you interested and would some photo’s please email me.



    3. Pop top heaven or go Westy.
      Pop top heaven or go Westy.


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