Ireland Camper Van Guide & Information

Here are some tips and hints for camper vaning in Ireland.  Thanks to Morgan Shaunessy.

  • Kitchen supplies can be hard to find as there are only a few suppliers.
  • Use, or include “ie” in your searches to find Ireland specific information.
  • is a great source of information for campervaning in Ireland


  • Rogers Builders Merchants of Ballymote. Co Sligo. – Sell a wide range of conversion supplies, including MDF, timber, brackets, etc.  They will cut wood to size for you, free of charge.  Very helpful staff, and cheaper than stores such as Homebase.
  • Mundys, Ballymote – A second hand shop selling items useful for conversions, such as reclaimed doors.

Gas Bottles is the primary supplier of gas bottles in Ireland.  Their website lists suppliers all over Ireland.  The short gas bottles are yellow, rather than blue.  The yellow bottles use a different regulator to the blue bottles.

Do you have information about Ireland? Please contact us.

  1. Can you stop anywhere in Ireland?
    Am planning a trip to Ireland, and was wondering if you can stop anywhere in Ireland. I know legislation in England and Wales means that you can be moved on if you stop on the road (as opposed to in a campsite) in England. Does the Republic of Ireland have similar rules?


  2. campervan
    thinking of buying 24 seater merc minibus and converting to camper just wondering do i need a bus lience to drive it after the restoration


    1. You only need a bus license
      You only need a bus license to drive vehicles registered as a bus.
      If you remove the seats, you can re-register the vehicle as a van, or if it meets the DVLA criteria you can register it as a Motor Caravan. It’s the weight of a van or motor caravan that determines what license you need.
      If you have a UK license and got it before 1997 you can drive pretty much anything. If after 1997 you are limited to 3.5 tons.

      See more info here:


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