Czech Republic

Czech Republic border crossings

Most border crossings are just a very quick passport check.

Driving in Czech Republic

A 15 consecutive day vignette costs CZK 200 (about £5) for vehicles up to 3,500kgs. This allows driving on motorways and express roads. The vignette comes in two parts, one you stick on the windscreen and on the other part you write the vehicle registration number on and keep it in a safe place to be produced if required. If your vehicle is between 3,500kgs and 12,000kgs it will cost SZK 500. Motorhomes over 3500kgs are restricted to 80 km/h (50 mph) on motorways and main roads and 50 km/h (31 mph) in urban areas. For built up areas, speed limits start at the "place name" sign and finish at the end of "place name" sign. Extra care is needed at roundabouts as the priority is not always as you would expect.

Supplies in Czech Republic

ATM’s are plentiful and work.
Supermarkets are plentiful and include Tesco, Lidl, and Spar.
Diesel at CZK 29.6 (£0.72 pence) per litre and LPG CZK 15.5 (£0.37pence) per litre are both widely available

Kutna Hora

The town is well worth a visit just to see the Ossuary (Bone Chapel). Which is decorated entirely with human bones, some of which were assembled into pyramids in 1511 by a half blind monk. Its unique decorative items include chalices, a monstrance and a monumental chandelier. It is estimated that there might be the remains of as many as 40,000 people here

Campsites in Kutna Hora

Autocamp Transit

On the edge of town. It’s like a large garden set up for camping on the lawn and the facilities are first class. CZK 315 per night.


You need at least three days to do Prague justice, you can use one day in the castle alone. The city was extremely crowded which made photography very difficult. The city is well worth a visit and is everything it’s hyped up to be. It is normally the highlight of peoples trips..

Campsites in Prague

Camping Oase

The site is situated 10 miles south of the city centre. The facilities are excellent and the security is very good. The pitches are a very good size but the roads leading to them are narrow, trees and lamp posts are situated in the wrong places for manoeuvring on the site. The dump station is situated very close to the children’s playground and the site shop, it’s also very difficult to position the van over the drain hole the way the dump station is laid out. Also there’s no water supply there so cleaning up after dumping is almost impossible. The site has an "In" and "Out" barriers, large outfits (over 8 metres) will have to exit the "In" barrier due to the layout. CZK 460 (£11) per night for five nights.
Buses to Prague stop outside the campsite, tickets CZK24 (from the reception) are valid for two hours after they have been validated. It’s 30 minutes on the bus and 20 minutes on the tram to Wenceslas Square which in fact is a long avenue.

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