Polish border crossings

Polish border crossings normally only take a few minutes, with just a passport check.

Supplies in Poland

ATMs are widespread and work fine.
Diesel and LPG are readily available.
Supermarkets are very common and include Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Geant, Leclerc and Intermarche. Most are situated in out of town shopping complexes. Smaller local supermarkets are in the town and city centres.

Driving in Poland

Polish roads are generally good. However, many main roads have deep tracks worn in by heavy vehicles. Roads are well signposted. Road sign conventions can be confusion, and you are advised to learn them. On single carriageway roads it is customary to move over onto the hard shoulder and let vehicles pass. Priority at roundabouts is not always obvious.



GUT Camper park is placed in the centre of Gdansk and offers 30 parking spaces for camper cars, professional sports and leisure complex, 24 hour security, free wireless internet access and many more.




Krakow is one of Poland’s oldest and best preserved cities, dating back to the 7th century. You need two or three days to do the place justice.

No visit to Krakow is complete without a tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine (www.kopalnia.pl). The two hour/two kilometre underground English guided tour cost PLN 60 (about £11).

Campsites in Krakow

Camping Korona


About 10kms south of the city. An excellent family run site who are very friendly and helpful. Bus to Krakow stops just outside the site. Only one downside, the site is situated on road 7 which is a very fast dual carriageway. It was very exciting crossing the carriageway to enter the site.


There is a camping site there if one wants an overnight stop.

Jasna Gora Monastery

The monastery is situated in the town of Czestochowa. If you are interested in very ornate churches it’s well worth a visit. Try to avoid a Sunday visit Camping Olenka which has very good facilities is next door to the parking area for the monastery.


Warsaw is a stunning city to visit. After the devastation of WWII the city and it’s buildings have been rebuilt to their former beauty. In the city centre on many main road junctions apparently impromptu markets are set up. A very colourful scene. On many of the city centre pedestrian underpasses there are many small shops and fast food outlets which looked of good quality and reasonably priced.

Campsites in Warsaw

Camping Astur

Facilities are well worn but clean. PLN 60 per night.
Bus within 500 metres to city centre. Buy tickets before boarding bus, PLN 2.40 for a single journey in the city and PLN 4.80 for a single trip outside the city. The tickets are valid on the buses, trams and metro.


Campsites in Wrackow

Stadium Camping

Facilities are very old but clean. PLN 50.30 per night.
Trams from outside the site run to the city centre, tickets and maps available from the very helpful reception.

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