LDV Convoy Van


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  • LDV Camper – Website about a LDV Convoy campervan conversion
  1. To insure as a campervan the
    To insure as a campervan the vehicle needs to satisfy the items on the list on this page:

    If you dont have double bed, water tanks, etc, you are unlikely to get insurance as a campervan.


  2. LDV Insurance
    I have a Leyland 1991 van which I use as a basic camper – previous owner had put storage seats in the rear which convert into a bed but there is nothing else in there. Does anyone know if I can insure it as a camper even though on the log book [V5] it says ‘Leyland van/side windows’? To insure it as a van is expensive and as I only use it occasionally and for the sole purpose of camping, it seems unfair.


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