Ford Transit Mini-bus Campervan Conversion Guide eBook

Update:  The book is also available as a paperback.

Colin Grace has put together a great eBook of his Ford Transit Mini-bus which he converted into a great campervan during the winter of 2009/2010.  The 202 page guide shows every step of the process and includes lots of photo and information.  You can see more information and buy the guide for £10.99 from his website at

This comprehensive guide includes the following:

  • A 202 page PDF eBook – including very comprehensive information about why the conversion was undertaken, every step of the process, costs, issues and finalising the project.
  • 337 Hi-res photos – including every step of the process, wiring and layout diagrams.
  • 18 PDF documents – including guides for battery chargers, battery monitors, awning information, ktchen equipment, blinds, Smev equipment, solar panels, VOSA vehicle re-classifcation information and fridge specifications.
  • A comprehensive leisure electrics diagram for the conversion.

The eBook

The eBook contains lots of information and is a great asset for anyone considering a campervan conversion.

Colin has taken great care to document his vehicle, his selections and processes taken to convert his campervan.

Unlike other conversion guides I have seen this one includes every stage, and costs.  Colin talks about his requirements for the vehicle, which is important for understanding decisions he made during the conversion.

The sections include:

  • Colin’s vehicle requirements – why he used this vehicle and what he wanted from his campervan.
  • Planning – what’s required in the vehicle, how long it will take, how much it will cost, where the work will be completed.
  • Design and layout – what will go where in the vehicle, including plans and diagrams.
  • Preperation – getting the vehicle ready for the conversion, testing the proposed layout, cabelling, insulation and carpetting.
  • Electrics – installation of cables, batteries and solar panels.
  • Kitchen – building of the kitchen area.
  • Living area – seats, table and sleeping areas.
  • Finishing touches – upholstery, edging and additional fittings.
  • Summary of the completed van – pictures of the completed vehicle being used.
  • Time and money – a great summary of the time and costs of each area of the conversion.
  • Paperwork – re-registration of the vehicle to a motor caravan, MOT and insurance.
  • Appendices – additional information including a build diary, useful internet resources and suppliers.

The eBook can be purchased as a complete guide for £10.99, which is sent on a CD via the post.  Or, you can buy individual chapters of the book for a few pounds.  This is great for those just needing inspiration or advice on certain sections.


Here are some photos that show the quality of the conversion


Colin is a technical writer by profession, and the quality of his work is apparent in this guide.  He describes methods, techniques and his approaches very well.

If you are considering a campervan conversion, whether a Ford Transit Mini-bus or not, you’ll find this guide a great source of information and a good investment before you start your conversion.


  1. All designed that way….
    The van was designed not to have a bathroom, my requirements were for the van to be used mainly for family days out and long family holidays, where we would be on a campsite. However we do have a Porta Potti (stored under a seat) in case of any emergencies, although a bucket would have been cheaper !

    Thanks for the nice comments on the conversion


    1. That’s the great thing about
      That’s the great thing about converting vans ourselves – we get something that meets our own needs.


  2. It looks a nice conversion.
    It looks a nice conversion. It’s a pity Colin had to trade off a bathroom to keep the second row of seats. As it is, you’re restricted to campsites/places with toilets and can’t enjoy the full joys of a self-contained motorhome. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find a place for a Porta Potti, though.


    1. bucket and chuckit?
      bucket and chuckit?


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