Surfing Peniche

Peniche is one of the surfing hotspots of Portugal, the most flexible surfing location in Portugal, and probably Europe. Famous for the superb Supertubos break, Peniche offers many other excellent breaks. Beaches in the area face in all directions, except for south. Free camping is available all around Baleal bay. It is always further taking a good look around Baleal bay, as there are many peaks, and might find one to yourself.


Supertubos is just a few minutes drive from the town, and now signposted by the council. A hollow, fast and shallow break, that works in all swells. Busy at 4 ft swells, but the crowds start to thin as the swell gets bigger. Parking is available at the beach, by the cafe. More parking is available on the road leading away from the beach.

Praia do Baleal

A massive crescent-shaped bay offering fantastic flexibility. Parts of the bay will be offshore in winds from the west through to the east. Stop at various points around the bay to check the conditions. There are car parts right around the bay.


A small beach and a great reef to the east. Lagide faces east, and is busy when the winds are westerly. The reef has a small take off zone, so be careful. Parking at the eastern end of Baleal bay, overlooking Lagide beach.

Molho Leste

A beach break popular with the locals. Closes out easily.

Ferrel beaches

Popular with the local surfers, and suffers from localism. Ferrel is a beach break with great peaks. Show respect to the locals.

Where to surf in the winds

It is possible to surf in Peniche in almost all wind conditions:

Easterly winds: Supertubos, and further down the same beach, Baleal bay, Molho Leste, Ferrel Beaches
Southerly winds: Baleal bay
Westerly winds: Lagide, Baleal Bay
Northerly winds: Check Baleal Bay, but normally this is the only wind direction where everywhere is onshore.

Peniche surf shops

The town has a few surf shops, but they have mainly clothes. For equipment head for Baleal, when there are a couple of large stores on the beach road. 58 Surf Shop is recommended. The helpful and friendly staff there can help you with anything surf related. English is spoken by all, especially the Aussie staff!

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