The Camper Chronicles: Mushrooms

I’ve just stumbled across the first ramblings of an idea I had about writing about my camping experiences, with a view to developing it into a full on account of the mucky yet sometimes hilarious way of life that is Campervan ownership. Let me know what you think…is it a goer?

Freedom: The quest for biggest holy grail in human existence. Man (and woman…and children) returning to the base function of the species, more or less at one with his (or her) surroundings; cooking, dining and drinking by campfire. The stresses and strains of the modern grind left behind and an open timetable governed only by the whim rather than by the TV schedule or working day. Dreams play out in a clear head, at rest under paper-thin canvas.

Morning comes early for the new primeval man. Wake comes with the early wash of sun, not with the mechanical, robotic buzz of an electric alarm clock –the way it was for our ancestors. The rush of a nearby river magnified in the mind more than before, like it has magically crept closer in the slumbering hours of night. I climb to the front of the tent and with one eye barely open I slowly unzip the flap and take a deep breath of beautiful, fresh Derbyshire air. The Dales stretch out into the distance with breathtaking majesty. Primeval man has arisen along with the dutiful cattle. Man, animal and nature synchronised by the turn of the world and passage of the sun.

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