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I'm a huge campervan enthusiast, and the maker of I believe everyone can convert their own campervan, and enjoy a great lifestyle with it.

Time for a change, or colour

After 4 years of owning Big Blue it’s time for a change. Not a change of van but a change of colour. I’ve just dropped Blue off to a paintshop for a full respray. The

Belgium F1 GP 2012. Experience with a Campervan.

I have been to GPs in Barcelona and Malaysia, and in 2012 I and a few friends decided to try the Belgian GP near Spa Francorchamps. In summary: our trip had torrential rain, glorious sunshine,

Wild Camping in Brighton

Wild Camping in Brighton

Wild camping in Brighton

I’ve been living in Brighton for a nearly 2 months now.  And I’ve been enjoying the benefits that living in a flat brings, rather than living in a van.  But I already miss touring and being on the road.

VW Camper Vans For Sale and Rent in Brighton and East Sussex

VW Camper Vans For Sale and Rent in Brighton and East Sussex

I met up with Ross of Munich Kampers here in Brighton recently.  Not only is he a really nice chap, but he does a great job of maintaing VW camper vans.

Moved to Brighton

Algarve to Andalucia

We spent several weeks visiting our favourite beaches and towns of the Algarve. We spent more of our time wild camping at Boca do Rio and Amado beach, especially the later. We tried to take

First Hookup since June

Today we visited the Orbitur campsite in Sagres. We visit campsites about twice a week, and this is our normal campsite in this part of the Algarve. As our van is self-sufficient with solar power

Santander to the Algarve

This is the start of our 6 week break at the end of 2011. The plan is 3 weeks in the Algarve, and 3 weeks in Andalucia. Abs was already in Brighton visiting friends. So,

Making use of your campervan – as a hotel

Last night I slept in the van. It was a friends birthday, and after going out we stopped at the van to eat our food. Then they went home and I slept in the van.

It’s a brilliant mobile bedroom, with kitchen and ensuite bathroom. I installed a heater during the week, and we were able to have it on whilst eating.

Ferry vs Driving

 We’re heading back to Portugal on 8th November. I debated driving across France vs the Ferry to Santander. I always much prefer the ferry.  It’s only 24 hours, clocks up zero miles on the van,