The Camper Chronicles: Jolly Boys Outing – Hastings Part One

Only Fools and Horses is, without doubt, one the greatest works of comedy ever to issue forth from these comedy rich shores. One of the most famous episodes is the Jolly Boys Outing in which Del Boy and co head to Margate (Maarrgit!) on the Kent coast for a day of hell raising. Ever since, groups of blokes have ventured to England’s finest seaside resorts under the banner of the Jolly Boys Outing.

I’m no different. At the end of last summer, my very own group of Jolly Boys trundled to Hastings in Rosie, my T25, complete with her brand new exhaust which had been fitted the previous day to stop it sounding like a stricken Spitfire.

I did the rounds to pick the other three boys up. Each one climbed aboard with a bag full of beer and eyes wide with excitement of a night on the town and we set off as the midday sun beat down with a spot of Chas’n’Dave playing.

As I slammed the old girl into gear and pulled away, the extra weight of three fully gown chaps armed to the nines with beer and luggage was evident. As mentioned in previous posts, Rosie was blessed/cursed with a 1.6 wasserboxer engine, which, given the high top and extra weight was unlikely to set any land speed records.

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