The Camper Chronicles: How Hard Can It Be To Drive a VW Camper?

How hard can it be to drive a VW Camper?

How hard can it be to drive a VW Camper?

Rosie, our 1986 T25 was our first van. We’d looked around the internet naively hoping for a miracle. We wanted a bay. A nice bay which went and didn’t need too much doing to it. We were of course dreaming. A decent bay will set you back a pretty packet and will require several more pretty packets to keep it running. So we altered our search to the newer, less revered T25 with it’s ‘wedgie’ shape.

Eventually, we found it. A white, high topped van perfect for our little family to live the camper van life.

I had previously travelled to Surrey to check it out and fell instantly in love. The basic 80s styling, the impeccable bodywork and the fact nearly everything worked was too good to miss. Even though it was (under)powered by a 1.6 litre engine and having been advised by the owner that it wasn’t a vehicle to rush about in, I haggled a price and shook on it, agreeing to return during the following week to pay and and drive it away.

However, I awoke on the morning of the pick up with a sense of excitement which had been tainted with a distinct feeling of dread. We still had to withdraw £4000 from the bank and get to Surrey and back before a funeral at 11am. That wasn’t all though. There was something else. Something I couldn’t put my finger on.

To find out what I hadn’t put my finger on, read on here:



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