Portugal is the late developer of the western European countries. It is still very traditional, and the cheapest country in western Europe. The Algarve is the warmest place in western Europe during winter, and a great place to visit or stay during that time. The Portuguese are friendly, helpful, happy people, and many speak good English.

The capital city of Lisbon is one of the most vibrant in Europe. With a great city centre, and a choice of beautiful beach side suburbs, Lisbon is worthy of a stop, even in winter when it is still warm.




Recommended Portugal

  • The Algarve - beautiful beaches, good nightlife in Lagos and Faro.
  • Lisbon - one of Europe's finest cities.
  • Alentejo - undeveloped, warm and beautiful beaches.

Campsites and free camping in Portugal

Portugal has a good choice of campsites. Some are as little as €4 per night, for two people and a camper van or motorhome, off-season. Free camping is also very popular. Read more.

Vehicle ferries to and from Portugal

There are no ferries from the UK to Portugal. The most common choice is to take a ferry to France, or normally Spain, and then drive to Portugal. See the ferry section.

Driving in Portugal

Portugal has the highest accident rate in western Europe. However, if you take care you should not have any problems. Read more.


Portugal is a relatively crime free country. Vehicle break-ins are amongst the biggest problems, so always secure your vehicle, and leave nothing on display. Sensible parking can also reduce you risk of a break-in. Pickpockets and petty criminals operate in the big city centers, so be careful and avoid gangs of kids at night.


Portugal is the cheapest country in western Europe. You funds will go further in Portugal than elsewhere, much further than France or the UK. Generally vehicle fuel is the only thing you're likely to find more expensive than neighboring countries. See the country cost comparison .


Currency Euro (€)
Capital city Lisbon
Time zone GMT
Religion Roman Catholic and Muslim
Emergency numbers Police 115 / 112
Electricity 220v continental dual pin
Border crossings Portugal is a Schengen state


Portuguese food and drink

The Portuguese Language

Portuguese is spoken throughout. The Portuguese are very good at languages. English is spoken well by a large percentage of the population. Spanish is understood by almost all. Italian and French are understood by a good number of people. Always ask if it is ok to speak in a language other than Portuguese. Knowing some basic Portuguese will help you.


There are many stray dogs and cats in Portugal. If travelling with your own pets take care, and never leave them unattended. Be cautious of stray animals, they might not be as nice as they seem, they may be carrying diseases, such as Rabies. If you feed the stray animals they probably wont leave you alone.

Sports in Portugal

Portugal has some of the best surfing in Europe, and the ideal place to spend a winter surfing. Sailing is popular on the south coast, in particular in Vilamoura.

Campervan rental in Portugal

Camping, camper van and motorhome stores in Portugal

See the list of motorhome and camper van dealers, and camping supply shops in Portugal.