Asia campervan guide

Asia is overflowing with culture, tradition, food and contrasts.  There are great campervan opportunities, but you need to plan and take care.

There are few facilities for campers in general.  Very few traditional campsites are to be found anywhere on the continent.  However endless beaches, mountains and other landscapes wait to be explored.  All other tourists will be in hotels and on package tours, so you’ll have no problem escaping them if you wish.

Costs in Asia are generally much less than in the west.  However there are many people who are out to make a fast-buck from unexpecting tourists, so you need to know vehicle and legal situations before you head off.

It is essentially impossible to buy a professionally converted campervan in Asia.  They do not exist.  You may be able to find one from the west that has been imported.  As costs are cheap, particularly labor, and if you have the time, you could find skilled locals to make you something.  You can also import your own vehicle into most countries, but expect paperwork and mysterious last-minute taxes.

Driving in just about any Asian country is hazardous, but fairly easy to adjust to.  People tend to drive with their horns, which indicates that you are coming through, or more generally to let people know you are there.  Driving standards are generally poor, but drivers are not as aggressive as it seems, they are just in a rush.  Your good driving should keep you out of trouble.

Asia is an amazing continent just waiting to be explored.  If you are adventurous, and want to escape being herded like tourist cattle, touring by campervan in Asia might just be your ticket.

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