The Camper Chronicles: Jolly Boy’s Outing – Hastings Part Two

In part one, the Jolly Boys arrived, just about safely, to the very lovely Shearbarn touring park, which looks over the beautiful, historic town of Hastings. They’d drunk all but one of the beers, leaving just one for the heroic driver and Mette had entertained the local seafront drinkers whilst alighting a moving camper.

Now the boys descended into town for an afternoon, night and early morning of carnage and laughter. First stop: The Lifeboat Restaurant for a spot of fish and chips. The British Seaside wouldn’t be what it is without the good old fish and chip restaurant. For those who say we have no culinary tradition in this country, I refer to these institutions. Freshly caught and battered fish and perfectly golden chips provide all the satisfaction and flavour of any dish of Michelin standard at a fraction of the price. Add a bottomless cup of tea and that salty sea breeze and you have a true hero of world cuisine on your very own doorstep.

Mette, as he is prone to do, ordered the extra large portion. He was duly presented with what can only be described as a dolphin, lightly battered. It was enormous. Flipper and Chips had emerged.

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