Can anyone help?

Hello to you all

Hello to you all

We are new to the Motorhome/Campervan life, just bought our first proper motorhome, a Fiat Ducato Eura Mobil Sport 2.8IDTD, picked it up last week and took it up North around the North west and Lake District. Run like a dream very good on fuel around 28-29 mpg around the Lakes and around 30-32 mpg on the motorway. Extremely comfy inside and everything worked like it should – pump, gas blown central heating, hot water, lights etc. There are some problems with the fridge, works fine on 240v but the 12v supply is not working and we tried it a few times on gas, worked ok to start with, got nice and cold, then we left it running on gas while we popped out when we got back the carbon monoxide alarm was going off.

On getting home I have a good look at the electrical circuit on this van and I know they are all set up different but I thought the basic principal is all the same. It looks to me like the leisure battery only charges up from a charger on mains hookup, which is not good as I thought the majority of them also charge u from the alternator whilst driving along. Also the old Hella (DIN) continental 12v socket as been disconnected and I have no 12v sockets from the leisure battery useful for 12v TV etc.

I’ve included some pics and wondered if anyone as the same van and set up or come across a similar set up if you could drop me a line to let me know whats what, and any ideas or advice would be very welcome.

Thanks campers

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