When you own a large vehicle like a camper van or motorhome you soon become aware that it is more difficult to park than a car. If you have a small camper van such as a Volkswagen transporter, or even a short wheel base panel van, you won’t have many problems, as they fit into most car parking bays.

If you have a larger vehicle, such as a motorhome or long wheel base panel van, finding a suitable parking space is more difficult. At car parks with marked bays, such as supermarkets, you can often park across two bays. Supermarkets wont mind this generally, but if you are parking in a pay and display type car park you will probably need to buy two tickets, one for each space. Check the conditions though, as you might end up with a ticket even if you do that.

Campsites obviously cater for large vehicles and you should not have any problems there. If you do have a very large vehicle, then confirm with the campsite that they can accommodate your vehicle.

If you are free camping, particularly at beaches, you should not have any problems. There is almost always lots of space.

If you are staying in or near cities then you will certain have some problems. See the guide to cities, with tips such as staying at campsites to avoid the city congestion.

Crime exists everywhere in the world. No matter where you park always secure your vehicle. Never leave anything on display. Motorhomes and well converted camper vans are obvious targets for thieves, and there is nothing you can do to not draw attention to your vehicle.

  1. autogas convertion
    Any vw petrol t4 transporter owners out there who have had
    an autogas conversion on their van? I have a 1996 Trooper and would like info about the cost payback time. Does it
    increase the vans value and negate part of the cost of the
    conversion? Are you satisfied with yours? any problems?


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