Antequera, Granada, Motril, Andalucía, Spain

I wake early, and find most of the trucks gone. I realised last night that I wasn’t being very discrete with my camping, as I had my bike in the cab and clothes on the dashboard. I have made myself a new rule that if I am parked in an urban area I must keep the cab empty.

The weather is bad so I decide to head to Granada and forget the local national park I had read about, and was hoping to ride around on my bike. The trip to Granada was fine. I had planned on staying at a campsite which is close to the city centre. I eventually find the campsite but decide to park up, which is easy enough. I pack a bag and walk into the city. The weather is changeable, the rain comes and goes, and so does the sun. I walk through town and up to the Alhambra, the big attraction. Maybe it’s the weather, but I am not all that impressed. I decide not to pay and go in. I walk back through town towards the van. I stop at the supermarket (more shopping!), and get a different bike bracket for the van, some coffee glasses, some great value trousers and a few other bits. I have to wait for a hail storm to pass before leaving the store.

I get back to the van. I have a think and decide to head towards the Sierra Nevada, as I wanted to go cycling there. Then I realise that the whole place will either be covered in snow or rain water. Disheartened I decide to head towards the coast. I am already fed up with the bad weather.

I got a text message from Al today. He and Tash are near Malaga. I have arranged to meet them on Friday.

I head off. The views down through the mountains are stunning. There are a lot of new roads and bridges being built, as with everywhere else in Spain, but some of the bridges are so strange they look like Salvador Dali creations.

I don’t really know where I am headed and drive until I get to the town of Motril. The police are checking cars at a roundabout, and I see one point to me, but they don’t stop me. I keep driving, and head into the village. I stop at a supermarket car park. I decide to drive to Torre del Mar, which is near Al and Tash. As I start to leave the town I see a sign for a beach. I check it out and am pleasantly surprised to find a nice looking beach waterfront. I also see two motorhomes parked on a quiet road and join them.

I park down the end. I see several vehicles parked on the beach. I check and it is rock hard. There is a sign saying no camping on the beach, which seems to suggest tents, but I’m happy with the road.

I do a number of jobs, primarily fixing up my bike. I take it for a spin and find a nice cycle path.

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