When travelling and living in a camper van or motorhome you can chose to stay in campsites or free camp in acceptable areas. The facilities you have in your vehicle, namely a toilet and shower, will determine whether you can, or how often you can camp for free.


Campsites vs Free Camping

Campsites offer the greatest amount of facilities and the greatest security but cost money. To stretch your funds and increase your travelling time you can consider camping for free, or 'free camping'. I personally do both. I often free camp for several days, parking in acceptable areas such as beach car parks, using the toilets and (normally cold) beach showers. Every few days I go to a campsite. Whilst in the campsite I wash my clothes, top up my fresh water, dispose of my waste water and do anything I need to whilst I am them. This is a great way of reducing your camping costs.

Either way is good for meeting people. If you are incorporating water sports into your trip, such as surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. then free camping by the beach offers a great advantage as you can watch the conditions of the sea and wind and get in the water whenever you like. You'll also meet more people practicing your sport.


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