“The Journey begins”…

So…..Hello….whoever is out there, i have recently come across this Fiat Iveco 50f8 1979, she seems to be in very good condition …150,000 km on the clock …left hand drive. seems to be a rare vehicle ,i cant find much info on this model at all.
any ideas ? …
need an oil dipstick as at present she has a spring curtain rail and i am not 100% sure of the correct length.
need to know the engine oil capacity …in litres
50F8 C
50.8.109324 id number (Chassis)
5250 kg
2970 kg
3600 cc
Thank-you, for any info that might guide me to a better understanding.
Regards Pete. S.

Posted by Lordlochabar

  1. After alot of searching ,
    After alot of searching , found the oil capacity 7.9 litres, new dip stick, wheel cylinders and breaks all filters changed, new oil. she drives like a dream….amazing suspension and steering gear ..no cam belt , its on a cog system ….what a pleasure…Now to install another solar panel ….


  2. Looks very interesting. I
    Looks very interesting. I can’t offer any more details though.


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