The Camper Bucket List: Circumnavigation of Britain.

I’m always on the lookout for travel book ideas and, as I have written about before, have seen many of my ideas appear on the shelves of all good book shops before I could so much as switch on my laptop. I’ve had all sorts of great ideas, such as touring Britain on obscure bus routes or floating round the isles in a canal boat, but I’ve then seen them in the shops. Still, unperturbed, I’ll move on to my next big idea for a travel book.

The circumnavigation of Britain in a camper is not only an idea I would love to turn into a book, but it is also very, very high on my Camper-vanning Bucket List. It would be the diary of a journey all around the coast, from Southend-on-Sea and back again.

Of course, you could argue that the TV programme, Coast, has covered this one, but the added perspective of life on four wheels, and all the mishaps and off the cuff chaos it brings would separate the two ideas by some distance. Add to it the fact that I would be in transit with my wife and my two little boys, the focus of the writing would be just as much on the experience of living the journey in a van, as well as documenting the places themselves.

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