– a great looking system that turn cars into campervans easily is a great looking unit that fits into the back of van like cars instantly giving a cooking area, seating unit and a bed.

This is one of the best ways of instantly converting a big car into a campervan for weekend or occasional use.

These great units are created by Martin who also builds custom units, so get in touch if you want something similar for you car.

Posted by Darren

I'm a huge campervan enthusiast, and the maker of I believe everyone can convert their own campervan, and enjoy a great lifestyle with it.

  1. Very impressive and nice post… Keep sharing amazing stuff like this……
    I just love van life. I spend 10 years of my life in my campervan, but last year I went back to my home after a long time. But I want to go back to my van as soon as possible. Someone theft my van a few months ago when I was in my friend home…. I really miss my van a lot….


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