Car is gone, van only now

 Today I sold my car.  It’s a great little car, and I was sad to see it go, but I only drive so much as I work from home, and the van is more than enough when I need to get around.

So now I just have the van.  When deciding what size van to get, I knew I wanted at least a medium wheel base, but was worried about it’s size.  So far I have had very few problems with the length of the MWB van, compared to the SWB van I used to own.  Just occasionally I find myself going around in circles trying to find somewhere to park.

Posted by Darren

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  1. Yes, it’s nearly finished.
    Yes, it’s nearly finished. When it is details will appear on this website.


  2. What happened to the new van
    What happened to the new van did you kit it out????


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