Citroen Jumpy Van

  1. thinking aling the same lines as you. Plus why not b alittle different. And also transporters arent exactly cheap to run. As i have one for work for the last six years from new. Good luck with your venture


  2. 2005 citroen jumpy day van conversion
    110,000 miles. 2005 2.0HDi van, I bought it for £3300 in 2014 and I’m wondering how much life it has left in it. Just got it MoT’d till Jan 2018, but the mechanic thinks the bottom frame is rusting and the engine emissions are getting too high. I think it is a great wee van, we’ve got 6 seats which we need, and I’ve converted the back load compartment into a wee seating area that can fold out to a sleeping platform over the entire back when the middle row of seats fold down – my own version inspired by the AmDro products.

    I just wonder if I’m better putting more money into it, to keep it going, or buy something much dearer, but hopefully better. I’m looking at VW transporters, about 50,000 miles, 2013 models – which will be at least £17,000. So I figure I could spend £2k a year for 7 years, and I’d still be spending less than buying another -and I like the idea of using an old thing rather than our throw away in built obsolescence world.


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