Time for a change, or colour

After 4 years of owning Big Blue it’s time for a change. Not a change of van but a change of colour.

I’ve just dropped Blue off to a paintshop for a full respray. The van has always had a bit of rust, as most of vans of that age do. The worst of it definitely being around the windscreen. So much so that the section below the windscreen has rotted right through. I’ve been ignoring it for the last year or so, but the windscreen now has a big crack and needs to be replaced for the MOT.

So it makes sense to have everything done at once. Windscreen out, all rust removed, dents and scratches fixed, full reparay and a new windscreen. Whilst I liked the Transc Blue colour at first, I’ve grown tired of it. I’ve always longed for the mercedes silver and have decided to pay a bit more to have the van re-coloured in the Mercedes silver. Not only will it look better and make me feel better about the van, but the new colour will likely add a fair bit of value to the van as well. 

Lookout for an update on a few weeks when it’s back.  

Posted by Darren

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  1. Hi Darren do u still have the van could u call me on 07471190996 thanks Ryan I would buy it off u


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