The Camper Bucket List: Route 66

A Camper van is for life, not just until it breaks down.

A Camper van is for life, not just until it breaks down.

With that little gem in mind, I have recently turned my mind to forming a camper-vanning wish list. It is a list of places and journeys I simply must do before the DVLA dissolve my licence on the grounds of being far to old to even slurp soup, let alone handle a large, two bedroom flat on wheels. The criteria for the list was simple – it had to be a journey of epic proportions, or something that pretty much has no chance of happening any time soon. Let us begin.

Interestingly, finding it’s place at number one on the list is Route 66.

Over the years, I have found myself with a reputation. I have, in the past, been somewhat of a Little Englander; the type who bangs on about how England really is the only place on Earth worth visiting, and that anything elsewhere is simply an imitation of what we already have here. Why would I want to go to see the Grand Canyon when I can go to Cheddar Gorge? Why bother with the Colosseum when Stonehenge is far older and more mystical? Why go to New York when I can see London from the boundaries of my hometown?

My mates, who had visited Florida or New York would return totally enraptured with America, and as someone who would often write off anything popular as merely faddish, would respond by quashing any idea that I would follow in their footsteps. The basis for my arguments were skimpy, to say the least. My love of all things English spread into my love of music and therefore, anything worth listening to was started here. Pop music, Punk, Glam, New Romantic, Britpop. You name it, we started it.

Of course, we didn’t. The seeds were sown on the other side of the Atlantic.

Well, along with the onset of age and maturity, and hand in hand with a new found love of France and all the joys it offers, has come a strange, nagging need to go to the US. I have realised that I simply have to go.

So, why Route 66?

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