Rota, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Playa de la Barrosa, Andalucía, Spain

I leave the campsite and head towards Rota, the next town south. I need to get online to deal with some overdue emails. I find a place in Rota. It takes me several hours to complete my tasks. I take a walk around Rota, which is a nice town, reminding me of the towns from the north of Spain, quite different from Chipiona which I stopped in yesterday.

I head south towards El Puerto de Santa Maria, looking for somewhere nice to free camp, and ultimately to surf. The town is quite developed, and I stop only to get some cash. I head on towards the south. I notice a massive Decathlon sports store that I had read about and stop there. The store is massive and has everything one could imagine. I get some fishing gear and a mask and snorkel, all of which is really cheap.

I carry on heading south. I decide not to stop at Cadiz, the major city here. I want a nice beachside place to stop. I head for Playa de la Barossa, which is in my surfing guide. I get there a little before dark. I follow the signs for the beach and find a small unofficial car park. I have to drive across the pedestrian crossing to get into the car park. There are several cars parked, and a Spanish motorhome. It looks ok to park. There is a large official sign (in Spanish) declaring that music is not to be played loud, or the equipment will be confiscated. This seems like an odd sign, obviously there has been trouble in the past. There is no banning of camping though, and I decide to risk it. Several people are fishing on the beach, which seems to be the majority of the cars parked here.

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