Norman Conquests

I have long wanted to travel to Normandy. The links of that region of France to our own country run deep; deeper than many may like to admit. My fascination with the middle ages began with tales of Robin Hood and I developed a need to find out more about our history – where we came from and what makes us who we are. From Anglo-Saxon rule to the Norman Conquest and beyond, the history of England has never failed to capture my imagination. Add into the equation the fact that my own Grandparents landed here during the D-Day invasion and you can begin to imagine the emotional, personal pull to Normandy.

This week, after many years of yearning, I finally fulfilled an ambition to set foot in a region of France which did so much, or has so much to answer for, in explaining how we have become like we have. Our destination was a campsite at Bernieres-sur-Mer, which sat just behind Juno beach, where the Canadian forces landed on D-Day.

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