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So what is happening?

So what is happening?

A good question. The thing about doing such a major project of converting a Land Rover Defender in to an Expedition Camper on a budget is, you have to learn about technologies, you have design what you are doing and finally you realise how big a challenge this really is.

I think I know what I want and my friends who are experts are now trying to modify my ideas to what can actually be achieved.

The good news is that doubters are starting to realise this might just happen. Steve Brewell is the owner of GS Precision with his son Chris. Steve has over 40 years in the sheet metal business and is very skilled at prototype designs.

The Land Rover has had its back removed ready. Steve and Chris have pondered the design proposals and suggested some modifications which in principle we have agreed. In addition, the materials to be used have basically been agreed.

The main modification is that the cab will be separate to the rear body. The main reason for this is the chassis will flex; even just on a road. The stresses that would be created between the cab and the body would cause metal fatigue and break. However, you will still have a crawl hatch between the front and back.

Other conversations have been around fuel tanks and water tanks. Basically the vehicle weighs around 1500 kg without a back. The gross weight is 3500 kg allowing a total additional weight of 2000 kg. fuel of 150 litres and water of 150 litres weigh 300 kg. The location of fuel and water tanks has to be decided.

Once work begins on the actual fabrication, the body box will take about 6 weeks to build. Hopefully the fabrication will begin mid February with a completion of the body skin phase by the end of March 2013.

My timetable is to be ready to go on my wonderings by August. Fingers crossed.

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