Home at last! (And an introduction to “The Pud”)….

The story so far:
We had made it to Southern Spain and had camped on a nice site in Tarragona where we bedded down for the night. Benidorm was now only a short drive away – the goal was in sight!!!
Snap-On (snappy, huh?!?) was making encouraging noises about driving – and looking as fit as I had ever seen him look first thing in a morning, so the decision was made: he would drive us into Benidorm. The first thing he did on climbing into the driver’s seat was reverse Clifford into a tree!!! Not a great start – I remember thinking to myself “maybe I should have let him drive yesterday, he may be better at it when he’s pissed!).
Still, no (real) harm done, we duly set off on the final leg, and a couple of hours (!?) later we entered Benidorm and did three laps of the place looking for a decent site to ‘put down the jacks’. (Because of previous recommendations, we opted for “Camping Villasol”, a lovely well equipped site in the Rincon area – €14.50 per day (long stay) and good big pitches – but there are numerous sites to choose from and camping or motorhoming in Benidorm is NOT a problem, trust me!). We were home!!
Scooter unloaded, jacks down and awning unfurled and we were ready for the important one – find a decent bar we could call our “local”. A five minute walk saw us in the Rincon area – a bustling tourist area outside of the main metropolis, but catering mainly to British ex-pats (of which, more – much more – later!!). Immediately Snap-On spotted a likely candidate: looked the part, prices for food and drink VERY reasonable, and open! Only one problem: it was called “The Yorkshire Pride III”…… aaah, bollox – what’s in a name!! Our waitress, Mandy (from Accrington!!!!) was a joy to behold, and the meal went down without hardly touching the sides!! Fosters lager on tap too – what’s not to like! Around 9pm a fellow arrived in the bar (Tony B) and started up the music: turns out he was the karaoke guy, and apparently he puts on a fun quiz and karaoke every night….. A splendid night was had, I can tell you!! A few pints (hic) later, and there was definitely a wobble back down the hill to the camp site….
Next time: More on the Yorkshire ‘Pud’ and Tony 2 gets a job(!!). Watch this space folks…….

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