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Benidorm Nights! (Or: A Star Is Born….)

So anyhoo, here we were in Spain (in Benidorm – yay!), found a local, met people and made friends…. I had decided earlier that I was gonna come to Spain and ply my trade as

Home at last! (And an introduction to “The Pud”)….

The story so far: We had made it to Southern Spain and had camped on a nice site in Tarragona where we bedded down for the night. Benidorm was now only a short drive away

Benidorm, big sun and a sober(ish) Snap-On!

On, on, and South-Central France beckoned. It was getting late, I was getting tired – and Steve was getting impatient to get drunk, so on arrival in (at this point it all becomes a bit

Blog????? What blog???? Oh, THAT blog!!!!

So, apparently I gave (someone!) an undertaking to do (?) a blog regularly….. Well, 6 months later – and having been unceremoniously reminded of my promise (was I that drunk Alban?), here goes nothing…. So