first coat going on

saturday 13th july 2013,

saturday 13th july 2013,
well i tried to use the roller technique as described in my land rovers owners club magazine last night and to be honest the finish was cr*p it looked terrible so today ive dug deep and bought a little compressor from machine mart and a set of spray guns £147 lighter {i spent £7.99 on a set of garden shears as a present for the wife to keep her happy}anyway ive put a coat of paint on rosie it goes on better on the grey primer than the red and for a first attempt i,m quite pleased with the results although there are a lot of runs mainly higher up on the body where i was stretching which i will sand and re paint over all its not to bad,i mixed my paint 60/40 and even though its only a cheap machine mart kit it went on well

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