Converting van to carry motorbike

Need some advice on converting a Iveco the best ways or any help it needs to carry a motorbike at the rear. Have a sleeping area and kitchen. Any pictures or suggestions I would be greatfull.

Posted by Trotty

  1. Anonymous Scott April 21, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Bikes and campers
    Alright Trotty,

    I am looking into this too. Been looking at Iveco disabled minibuses because they have a 300 Kilo wheelchair lift on the back. This is a bit complicated, depending on which chair lift you have.

    Some of them take 2 chairs at a time, and might as long as your bike. In theory, you could back it on most of the way, put it on the center stand, secure it and press the button.

    It beats riding up a ramp, and would mean you could have the bike space the same height as the bike, not you on the bike. So room for a double bed above the garage, like on race vans. And you could press a button and have her slide out and waft down onto the road, while people look on. Mesmerized. You’d be like some sort of God.

    Maybe take the disabled stickers off.


    BTW, I have no idea if this works, I havent done it yet, and I am in Brazil at the moment so it’ll have to wait a few weeks till I try.


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