Surfing in Spain

Spain is one of the best places to surf in Europe, and still underrated. Whilst there are well known breaks such as Mundaka and Rodilles, the Bay of Biscay offers an unrivalled variety of surfing options.

Where and what?

The north-eastern corner of Spain has the warm water, great swell, and borders France, so Biarritz is an afternoon away.
The north-western corner, Galicia, has the most swell of anywhere in Europe, few visiting surfers, and endless places to surf without crowds. It rains a lot in Galicia though!

The south-western corner, Andalucia, is a great place to visit and surf in winter, being one of the warmest winter locations in Europe.
The Canaries are politically part of Spain, and a gem of reefs and big swell. Ferries are expensive to the islands though.
The eastern and southern Mediterranean coasts have the warmest waters, but rarely any surf.

Best surfing breaks in Spain

  • Mundaka – The river mouth left-hander is one of the world’s best set ups and a WCT contest venue. Barelling waves reel along the shallow sandbar in this picturesque Basque village.
  • Rodilles – Drawing travellers since the 1970s, this left-hand river mouth wave in the Cantabrian countryside is one of the most picturesque surfing spots in Europe.
  • Roca Puta – Meaning ‘Whore Rock’, this wave is not for the faint hearted. Huge barrels, rocky line up and difficult access make this one for the experts only.
  • Isla de Santa Marina – A super heavy right-hand wave that peels along the side of an offshore island within sight of Santander.

Best time to surf in Spain

Autumn and Spring – great waves, warm weather and lots of festivals.

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