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    I share a VW T5 campervan with my family and in my opinion when they had the new ‘Pop Top’ roof extension fitted they were given the wrong advice. The have fitted one with a simple hinge and not the scissor hinge, which gives much more headroom at the shorter end. The guy who converted it told them that everyone rips the canvas by getting it caught in the scissor mechanism and advised them not to get it, but I have seem gazillions that look just fine and if you are careful then I am sure there would be no problem (but no-one asked me and its too late now).

    They asked how much it would be to change it to the scissor mechanism and he told them it would basically be the same price as the original cost to have the pop top put in :/

    My daughter is 13 but 5′ 8″ so she can’t sleep comfortably in there anymore and it’s a shame 🙁

    Would it be at all possible to fit it yourself!

    Thanks for any help!



    It is possible to fit yourself, but you will need to be setup to do it.
    Consider how heavy these roofs are, and the tools required to do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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